The new work of Tite Kubo, father of Bleach, Burn the witch , finally showed up with the launch trailer and a gorgeous new key art. The miniseries presentation video released today immediately received a good response from fans who did not hesitate to discuss it.

The clip generally presented us with the story that we will follow in a very specific setting, a specific part of the UK that we will see The two protagonists use their magical powers maintain an obvious sense of peace.

Suddenly threatened by the arrival of giant dragons, humanity will get into trouble and it will be up to Noel and Ninnie to intervene directly. The sequences shown, which are characterized by a very high quality, give us hope for the new project, the will debut in Japan on October 2nd. According to the production studio, the series will consist of 3 episodes.

Regarding the arrival of the series in countries outside of Asia, Crunchyroll will simulate the consequencesAs reported in the post by WSJ_manga that you can find at the bottom of the news, fans of Kubo's work don't have to wait for an adaptation in their language.

We also remind you that the first chapter of Burn The Witch is already available on MangaPlus, and we leave you to our review of the one-shot Burn The Witch, the original idea behind the miniseries.

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