Published between 2014 and 2020 in the pages of Ura Sunday magazine edited by Shogakukan, the manga The legendary hero is deadwas particularly welcomed for the author's hilarious tones, and many of its fans will be happy to hear that an animated adaptation of the work has been officially announced.

The studio responsible for creating the anime is liden movies, known for productions like 2016's highly controversial Berserk series, Cells At Work: Code Black and the more recent Tokyo Revengers. The direction of the series was entrusted Rion Kujo, while Yukio Kondo and Kara Konishi were contacted for the composition of the soundtrack. Unfortunately, not much has been given on the episode count or an exact release date, but the trailer reported at the top of the news does say so will arrive sometime in 2023.

For those unfamiliar with the series, here's a quick synopsis: β€œTouka is a humble farmer from Cheza village. While he dreams of becoming a hero and having a girl by his side, the true hero, Zion, feels an obligation Fight the demons that threaten to invade the world. But one day, Touka accidentally kills Sion... and now who will save the world? Touka buries the body to leave no trace of what happened, but The next day he wakes up in a body that doesn't seem to be his."

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