In June 2022, Boruto's original anime story arc set in the land of water ends, and episode 251 takes a big step in that direction. The episode actually directs i Ninja from the village of mist and the pirates of the Funato clan to the final battle.

Confirming his intentions, Isari Funato attempts to broker peace in Boruto 251 by requesting an audience with the Mizukage himself. Despite not trusting each other, the two leaders seem intent on reaching a peaceful conclusion for both sides. However, Araumi Funato interrupts the negotiations with a message of war.

The supreme leader of the pirates left that command to his youngest son Ikada, who awakened his hidden side after the death of his sister Seiren in Boruto 250. Ready to avenge the death of his loved ones, he intends to lead the Funatos to war against the Land of Water. So the first step is to eliminate all traitors Isari is eliminated from the sword his father gave him. In addition, the main goal of the Funato is to destroy the Shinonome-1, the symbol that led to the "Rebirth" of the Land of Water, and then break into the Village of Mist.

When the scene shifts to Team 7, we see that Boruto is still upset at the revelation of Ikada's identity. However, encouraged by Mitsuki's words, he decides to confront his former friend to convince him to end the war.

Buntan and Kyoho disagree with this decision. Her intention is to kill all the Funatos responsible for the deaths of Kagura and Hebiichigo. In order for Team 7 to escape undisturbed, Denki and Iwabei must Fight against the two swordsmen of the mist.

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