Publisher Shueisha, which serializes works like ONE PIECE and Boruto, has partnered with WIT Studio and CloverWorks, two of the animation studios currently "in shape," and with Aniplex, a Sony subsidiary, to create a new company named JOEN. The goal of this joint effort is to create better souls.

WIT Studio and CloverWorkswho are currently co-producing the anime “Spy x Family” will be collaborating again, but this time with two other very important realities, the Publisher Shueisha and Aniplex. The young JOEN Anime Company was founded with the aim of producing anime television series, animated films and anime short films.

Under JOEN's leadership, CloverWorks and WIT Studio will move toward an enhanced production and creation line, as well as a best business model to offer a more effective distribution of profits among "the staff, creators and those involved in the animation studio".

JOEN is represented by CloverWorks producer Yuichi Fushima and Tetsuya Nakatake of WIT Studio. The initial investment capital of the company is 100 million yennearly $800,000.

The presence of Shueisha indicates that the two studies they will use the editor's material. Could JOEN's first anime be the Me & Roboco adaptation? In addition, Aniplex would guarantee broadcasts on Crunchyroll, another Sony subsidiary.

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