The wait will soon be over: on June 11th Dragon Ball Super: Superhero comes to Japanese cinemas. After the TOEI animation hack that forced the animation studio to delay the feature film's debut, Goku and his companions will finally return to the big screen to battle the Red Ribbon Army.

In recent days, a promo video of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been aired on Japanese TV channels, showing many characters from the franchise in 15 seconds. Between old and new acquaintances, they stand out Gohan and Piccolothe two characters that, as previously announced, will be the focus of the film.

But that's not all: they also appear in the promotional video Bulma and Majin Buu, which we had never seen animated with TOEI Animation's innovative techniques. Goku's childhood friend emerges in her yellow jumpsuit as she leans forward with a happy expression on her face. Instead, Majin Buu is in his usual clothes and busy napping on a lounger by the pool.

You can see both characters, if only for a few seconds, in the video from youtube in this news. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will run a full two hours, making it one of the longest-running films in the franchise. Expectations are very high, TOEI Animation's new animations are amazing, and the Z warriors are stronger than ever: are you ready for the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

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