On February 22, 2022, the manga ended in the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine, a magazine published by Kodansha Fire department with an incredible twist capable of angering the entire community. A few days later, the first rumors about the third season of the David Productions anime appeared, rumors that have now finally been confirmed.

While many fans continue to reflect on the bond formed at the final tables between the narrative universe of Shinra and that of Soul EaterAtsushi Ohkubo's previous work and possible future developments have indeed been officially announced Started production of the new season of the anime. The news was shared by the user @SugoiLITE, who has proved reliable on several occasions, via the post you will find below, which also reported on one of the key visuals circulated to promote Season 2.

Currently, the animated implementation of the story of Shinra and the firefighters of the 8th Brigade counts 48 episodes divided into two seasons, and considering the recent announcement and the possibility that it will consist of 24 episodes like the previous ones, it is likely that the third season will arrive towards the end of 2022. Tell us what you think in the section reserved for comments. Finally, we leave you with our review of Fire Force Season 1.

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