The final official chapter of the videolufic franchise, the anime based on Pokémon Legends: Arceus finally makes its official debut. The Pokémon Company actually published this first episode of Pokémon: Hisui's Snowthe animated miniseries set in the Sinnoh of the past.

On the Pokémon TV service and official YouTube channels, theEpisode 1 of the anime produced by WIT Studio. The episode, titled "In the icy blue," leads viewers to meet the protagonist Alec, a boy who grew up believing that humans and Pokémon cannot coexist.

On the way to Jubilation Village, Alec returns to Hisui, the Pokémon region set in the Sinnoh of yesteryear. However, after discovering that the Candida forest has been attacked by a wild Pokémon, the sea crossing reminds him of the events of his childhood when he met a sympathizer Hisui's Zorua in a snowy forest. This knowledge caused him to change his mind about the misconception his father had instilled in him.

Pokémon: Hisui's Snow team includes director Ken Yamamoto and screenwriter Taku Kishimoto. The next episode will be shared Wednesday 8 June 2022but you let us know what you think of this poetic introduction to the Pokémon world of the past.

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