Very close to the release of Boruto: Naruto the next generations chapter 70 on MangaPlus, but the web has already anticipated the times. Twitter insider @Abdul_S17 has actually posted the full recap of the next appointment featuring the work of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto.

The first pages of Boruto 70 spoilers had already appeared on the internet, but a few hours after the official release, the new chapter was fully leaked. there Battle between the Kara Organization and the Leaf Village comes to a turning point.

Chapter 70 picks up right where work left off last month. Shikamaru insists on convincing Eida to meet Kawaki, but the latter, having studied the situation with her Senrigan, is undeceived.

The scene then switches to Kawaki, who is in his control with Sumire. He reiterates that he will use whatever he has in his possession Protect the Hokage. For the first time he is lucky to have the power of karma.

Back in Amado's lab, those present realize that Kawaki is about to intervene. exploiting one of the claw marks, Code and Eida escape by kidnapping Amado. When Kawaki arrives, it's too late. Konoha, he lost the fight. Will Kakashi return to Boruto after this defeat?

At Kara's hideout, Amado is threatened with death. Only by removing the code delimiter will have saved his life. The scientist is forced to follow orders: code, now at its peak, feels invincible. However, it seems that the promise will not be kept. Chapter 70 ends on a cliffhanger: will Amado be killed or will he somehow save his skin?

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