Yuei students are among the most promising in all of Japan. The very best levers in the superhero world come from this very school, which has already graduated several great figures of the caliber of All Might and Endeavor My Hero Academy. So much is to be expected from Deku and his classmates.

Ochako Uraraka is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia who attends Yuei and is enrolled in the Heroes' Course, thus attending Class 1-A along with Izuku Midoriya and other boys of the same age. Her goal is to become a great heroine to earn money and help her family. Ochako is a cheerful, selfless, and determined girl who is constantly trying to improve and become stronger in order to achieve her dream. Despite the pressure and competition that reigns at her school, Ochako always maintains a positive attitude and tries to help others, even her rivals, when given the chance.

The Ochako's power is called "Zero Gravity", which allows her to break the gravity of objects or people she touches, making them as light as a feather, or even making them levitate. This ability is very useful to her both in the fight against criminals and in rescuing people in trouble. His power is deactivated when he puts his fingertips together like RikkaBlurhound is doing in this photo. The Cosplay of Uraraka from My Hero Academia looks like a perfect poster for the animethe girl being recreated with a paintbrush entirely with pink background colors to add colour.

She too will return in My Hero Academia Season 7 following the efforts made in My Hero Academia episode 6x24.

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