At the end of the fight to free the land of Wano, Luffy, Kidd and Law part ways. While the first is preoccupied with an absurd escape from Egghead, the island that houses Vegapunk's laboratory and risks ending up worse than Ohara, the other two prepare for a clash with the last two Yonko ONE PIECE.

If Egghead's traitor's name was finally revealed in ONE PIECE 1078, we'll see him in the next chapter of Eiichiro Oda's work The satellite York ponders how to escape the onslaught of the world government, which will apparently also affect his character. York already has a plan in mind, but it's not just the Navy that's approaching the Vegapunk Lab. In the waters A ship flying the flag of the Blackbeard Pirates is approaching near Egghead. Was Law defeated by Teach?

Chapter 1079 of ONE PIECE then takes the reader back to Elbaf, where i Red pirates are preparing to fight Kidd's pirates. Out of respect for the supernova, Shanks reminds his men of Kidd's new bounty and makes sure he has recovered from his wounds sustained in Wano. Before the fight begins, the Yonko is informed of Blackbeard's movements.

On the battlefield, Killer has a fleet of nine enemy ships. Confident that he can destroy them all with one shot, Kidd gets his Damned Punk ready. The use of the Haki of Observation Shanks, however, anticipates the impending cataclysm and with the Gol D. Roger's Divine Departure silences Kidd and Killer in one fell swoop.

The Kidd Pirates were destroyed by Shanks alone, and to try to save their captain's life, they offer the Red Pirates the street Poneglyoh captured in Wano. However, Dory and Brogy finish Shanks' job by destroying Kidd's shipwho sinks into the sea. Owner of a fruit, for Kidd it should be the end.

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