There are so many professional heroes trying to keep the peace in Japan and the rest of the world. Thanks to the quirks, that completely unexpected change in DNA that brought both advantages and disadvantages to society, this profession admired by everyone has been consolidated. in the My hero academy Many aspire to be heroes.

Many fail, only the strongest are really able to display their individuality appropriately. And Deku, the protagonist of My Hero Academia, has met many capable heroes along the way and has come into contact with even the strongest, dominating the ranking of strength and popularity in Japan. Below that is also the midnight professoraka Nemuri Kayama, a forbidden-to-underage heroine who wears a tight white jumpsuit and bodice reminiscent of sadomasochistic practices.

The Blood Raven cosplayer wears exactly this jumpsuit and wears a riding crop in it Midnight Cosplay which you can see below, which has been hugely successful with fans of My Hero Academia and beyond. Will she be able to put the Midnight quirk to good use as well? And always stay in the Yuei, but this time going through the students, here is a good cosplay of Tsuyu Asui.

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