More than a year has passed since then Presentation of the mixed form of Kaido in one piece. Oda made the Emperor fight long first in his human form and then in his fully bestial form, with the dragon version inflicting damage and pain far and wide. However, in the encounter with Luffy, the hybrid was needed.

Hybrid form recently revealed in the anime ONE PIECE. Kaido presented himself similar to his human form, but with many scales on the body covering the shoulders, back, arms, and even the upper part of the face, while other draconian features are found in the claws of legs and hands, tail, and horns on the sides of the head. But did you know that it wasn't meant to be like this at first?

In ONE PIECE: Road to Laugh That, Chapter 2 has been revealed Hybrid form of Kaido in Eiichiro Oda's initial ideas. The mangaka had a shape in mind that would accentuate the dragon's slimness much more and give Kaido a much slimmer body and longer neck. You can see that below in the tweet shared by Soulstorm first draft with the mixed form of Kaido.

But if you prefer the current one, you can take advantage of this Kaido figure in hybrid form.

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