Recently, Scence SARU staff shared a new teaser trailer by Yurei Deco, introducing viewers to the setting of virtual world by Tom Sawyer. Additionally, a side project was unveiled that will lead to the release of a webtoon series.

The video that is a production of within the story Tom Sawyer Island Customer Center, takes us to the digital metropolis, a city where reality and cyberspace overlap. Locals use the Decoration Customizers (Decos), a visual device that allows them to juggle between real life and the virtual space known as the Ultra Reproduction Space. The social value known as "love" is represented by a numerical score, and balancing this data leads to a harmonious society.

One day, however, Berry meets Hack, a girl who looks like a boy. Intrigued by Hack, Berry meets the Ghost Detectives Club, an anonymous group working for Tom Sawyer's digital company. This is how the protagonist gets to know the enigmatic Zero: in search of him, he discovers the truth about the city.

Yurei Deco debuts on July 3rd as part of Crunchyroll's Summer 2022 program. The cast includes Mira Kawakatsu as Berry, Anna Nagase as Hack, and Miyu Irino as Finn. The anime is directed by Tomohisa Shimoyama.

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