Dragon Ball Super: Happy birthday to the original voice of Goku, Masako Nozawa

Masako Nozawa, a legendary Japanese voice actress who voiced Goku and various other characters in the franchise, is celebrating her birthday Dragon ball. At the ripe old age of eighty-four, Nozawa's career does not seem meant to end.

Nozawa Masako was born in Japan on October 25, 1936 and is turning eighty-four today. Actress, voice actress and narrator, she's the one twenty year old voice of Goku in the Akira Toriyama franchise. But not only; Nozawa is closely related to the Saiyan family as he also voiced his two sons Gohan and Goten, father Bardak, Turles and even Black Goku in Dragon Ball Super. Nozawa played mostly male roles and was nicknamed "The Eternal Boy". However, the voice actress currently prefers to give her voice to older women.

Among her other roles in the anime world, Nozawa was for a while Doraemon, the voice of Kureha in One Piece and Guess in Weathering with You, and she is currently the narrator of the 2020 remake Digimon Adventure. The voice actress was Protagonist of a great career even in the world of video games; His last role was in Jump Force, a fighting game that brings together the most popular characters from Shonen Jump magazine. In 2017, he even recorded his name in two categories in Guinness World Records, both of which relate to the performance of the character of Goku in the video games dedicated to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Super will be present at Jump Festa, an event where we will discover the future of the franchise. While waiting for the manga's new arc, Dragon Ball fans want some wishes to come true.

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