The saga of the prisoner of the Galactic Patrol Dragon Ball Super, focused on the character of Molo as the main villain, ended up with the last chapter and the manga has already made some initial progress in the next narrative arc. In the meantime, our heroes have tried to get things right.

While we finally found out about the title of the new saga and one of the new main characters, GranollaIt is time to restore the situation in the universe before the disturbances committed by the magician. Thanks to the powers of the dragon by Neo Namek It was possible to bring back to life those who were brutally killed by Molo and his henchmen.

With a series of short tables indeed Toyotaro showed the situation of the legendary alien planet, which has long been the victim of brutal sieges such as that of Freeza, and the latest plan of the goat wizard. Neo Namek also played an important role in characterizing Vegeta, who, in order to atone for some of his past crimes, took on the defense of the residents he once brutally exterminated. Therefore, for better or for worse, the planet has been the protagonist of important events and we are sure that it will continue to be a source of new events in the future.

And instead, would you ever want to see a new saga about Neo Namek? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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