One of the most famous antagonists of the anime universe is without a doubt Dio Brando. Main villain of JoJo's bizarre adventure: Phantom Bloodis finally discontinued in the third series of Hirohiko Araki's work. But his legacy lives on in the hearts of fans.

At the end of the first season of JoJo's bizarre adventure, Dio Brando appeared to have been killed for good by Jonathan Joestar, but in his final moments he managed to pin his head on the protagonist's body. God returns as the main antagonist of JoJo's bizarre adventure: Stardust Crusader, killing nearly two Joestars just for being eliminated forever by Jotaro Kujo.

However, the most intriguing of the antagonists is still alive thanks to Instagram user Versachi.Ko. The cosplayer actually shared a very personal one female interpretation by Dio Brando. In the released footage, the Vampire Lord has returned to show off his signature poses that have made him popular. What do you think of this cosplay? JoJo's bizarre adventure is one of the protagonists of the crossover with Among Us, a popular video game that recently hit Twitch. Henry Cavill would be the perfect Jonathan Joestar in the live-action adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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It was me, bitch. ๐Ÿค˜โœจ Serving by (chaotic) aerobics teachers (อก ยฐ อœส– อก ยฐ) Pc: @cat_party_ #jojocosplayuntilstoneoceananime #jjbacosplay #cosplay #DIOcosplay #DIO #Diobrando #Diobrandocosplay #jojosjbizarreadventureventure

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