the second cour of My Hero Academia Season 6 began with a summary of what happened during the war between heroes and villains. The company of heroes has been brought to its knees and the survivors of the great battle are busy with rescue operations. However, All For One is already poised to strike the decisive blow.

In My Hero Academia 6x14, the heroes experience hell after the war. While the most seriously injured have been taken to hospital, those in less critical conditions continue to be hospitalized Rescue operations of the civilians involved in war.

All For One leaves no time for heroes take a breather and regroup. After taking over Tomura Shigaraki's body and managing to escape from the battlefield, the Symbol of Fear fled to a safe place. There, despite Tomura's poor conditions, plan a new attack. Speaking of the king of villains, here's the truth about All For One's supposed immortality in My Hero Academia.

In the anime series episode 128, the 15th episode of the 6th season, the consciousness of All For One manifested in Shigaraki's body orders the Nomu to go to attack Tartarus, the maximum security prison where his main body was imprisoned. The goal is also to free as many villains as possible in order to plunge the heroes' society into total chaos. Only with the release of My Hero Academy 6x15 We'll be able to find out if the heroes can repel this new siege.

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