C18 is one of the most famous characters in Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama introduced her during the Cell saga, one of the last in the original manga, and for a long time she was the only female fighter in the opera. In addition to her contribution - initially as an enemy - to the manga in the Cell saga, she entered the field during the Tenkaichi Tournament.

At the time, he seemed to be an extremely strong opponent, the most powerful in a manga up to that point, having seen first the Saiyans and then Freeza, the galactic emperor. But she and her twin C17 also had to give way to Cell, at least it only lasted a short time brings C18 to the side of humanity. So she never clashed with Goku, not even in Dragon Ball Super.

Putting the later sagas aside for now, especially the last one by Toyotaro, with the exception of the Tournament of Power C18 returns in this cosplay manufactured by Seracoss. The cosplayer chooses one of the most famous versions of the android, completely dressed in jeans, with a jacket and skirt made of this material, which she used for her first appearance in Doctor Frost's laboratory.

Did you know the real names of C17 and C18? And how were the two Dragon Ball Z androids created?

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