There is no doubt that the franchise of One-Punch Man managed to conquer a huge portion of the audience, including readers and spectators, thanks to his splendidly characterized characters and his peculiar story, which proved to be capable of completely overturning the stylistic features of an entire genre.

The creature of One has thus entered the market first through the paper work and then with an animated adaptation now in its second season, an epic that today can count on millions and millions of fans eagerly awaiting news on the future of the series. Well, it seems that some juicy news has already come before the eyes of the fan base.

Yusuke Murata, an artist who took care of the manga drawings, has in fact published on his Twitter profile a new sketch dedicated specifically to the next chapter of the paper series, image that you can see at the bottom of news. As you can see, the scene showcases the very young Child Emperor on board his cutting-edge fighting robot, intent on facing one of the strongest creatures of the Monster Association, namely the Phoenix Man. Considering that everything should be seen as a preview of what will happen, it is clear that in the next chapter we will witness some heated clashes.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that just recently Yusuke has also revealed to the public an unused One-Punch Man official artwork. In addition, in the past few weeks, One has also returned to the limelight after trying to create an animation for One-Punch Man, with results that have amused a lot of fans.

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