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Yesterday wo Utatte

Ā© 冬 ē›® ę™Æ ļ¼ 集 英 ē¤¾ 惻 悤 ć‚Ø ć‚¹ ć‚æ 惇 悤 悒 恆 恟 ć£ 恦 č£½ä½œ 委哔会

Chapter eight: Innocent blue

This new chapter of Yesterday wo Utatte It kept me on the verge of total anger. Shinako's wishes are incomprehensible, while Rikou's become more and more evident. Not everything in this episode is irritating, in fact Rikou each installment grows even more. As Haru described it every time Rikou makes up his mind there is no one to stop him. I thought this episode would solve the drama between Shinako and Rikou but the truth is that each visit from her only puts one more brick to the barrier between them. Hopefully Haru continues with the determination he has shown. The photography will end up revealing the destiny of the characters and the end of the romantic drama that we have been getting into.


The previous chapter we were thinking, perhaps, that Shinako would reveal her feelings for Rikou, but the truth is that she took infinite steps back. He left Rikou at the door and with him the hopes that something could ever be born between them. After the chat with her friend, Shinako is again confronted with her feelings but this time she is more confused. On the way home we always undertake interesting reflections, it is as if walking in some way predisposes us to think about ourselves. The possible beautification that Shinako seems to have an idea about her first love is a perception that evokes but does not seem to be Rikou but rather Rou.

Ā© 冬 ē›® ę™Æ ļ¼ 集 英 ē¤¾ 惻 悤 ć‚Ø ć‚¹ ć‚æ 惇 悤 悒 恆 恟 ć£ 恦 č£½ä½œ 委哔会

It is an almost undeniable truth that there are two ways of perceiving the objects of meaning: the objective and the subjective. Objectivity is totally reliable because it gives us a trustworthy and revealing approach to objects. Somehow it allows us to see what the outside world is like without any prejudice, or at least that is the claim. Since the seventeenth century the development of the sciences postulated that clear and different knowledge could not come from abroad without first being based on reason. This claim changed the way of understanding reality. Thus we judge Shinako as disoriented and the truth is that separating each thought and experience from the feelings and affections they can produce has never been an easy task for any human being.

Ā© 冬 ē›® ę™Æ ļ¼ 集 英 ē¤¾ 惻 悤 ć‚Ø ć‚¹ ć‚æ 惇 悤 悒 恆 恟 ć£ 恦 č£½ä½œ 委哔会

Beautifying has been a prejudice with which we approach others every time we fall in love and that is that we usually project our desires on others covering them with our subjectivity. This was blamed for covering up the true being of things and hiding reality. Subjectivity does not allow us to clearly see the defects or sometimes the virtues. However, what is the real thing? Many I know are clear about what the real means, however, I still have not been able to answer. I very much doubt that anyone can fully be objective and subjective. I think that the constant change there is nobody that can be maintained, in any case it is only affirmed. People's growth lies in understanding that what they are and what their relationships are is determined by what we decide more than what is behind it.


Rikou's unstoppable growth proves the last thing I stated in the previous paragraph. Rikou had not been clear about what he wanted and therefore the path he had to follow to achieve his goals. However, his new job has helped him discover what he loves to do. Taking risks on many occasions requires only deciding but something as simple as that can paralyze us. I have said it countless times throughout these seven reviews and I will never tire of saying indefinitely: living is acting. Rikou has started with the most important first step and it is not deciding on Shinako, but deciding to be himself and take the pertinent risks that decision may bring.

Ā© 冬 ē›® ę™Æ ļ¼ 集 英 ē¤¾ 惻 悤 ć‚Ø ć‚¹ ć‚æ 惇 悤 悒 恆 恟 ć£ 恦 č£½ä½œ 委哔会

Undoubtedly, being human does not mean having a certain destiny for our current. To be a river is to always be in constant movement, but that movement, for our fortune, will lead us to the sea where we will become an impressive foam. What is the end of life, that is something that we do not know for sure, but now we have discovered that stagnation is not an option. Taking the bull by the horns, just like Rikou did, is even more enriching than Shinako's constant waste of time in love indecisions. She has not ended up being honest or at least taking the risk of her decisions.

Final conclusions of Yesterday wo Utatte

Each chapter ends with Shinako trying to confront her reality, but the next one is only more disappointed by her attitude. The truth is that this coming and going has made the series more entertaining but Rikou's development has made this drama a true inspiration. Haru's determination has taught me that love can be objective but hopeful. After so many series canceled by the contingency, I cannot dare to affirm that it is the best of the season, but I can say that this anime has carefully managed to show what it is just to follow the flow of the river. Its evolution and growth is unstoppable.

Ā© 冬 ē›® ę™Æ ļ¼ 集 英 ē¤¾ 惻 悤 ć‚Ø ć‚¹ ć‚æ 惇 悤 悒 恆 恟 ć£ 恦 č£½ä½œ 委哔会

Just as its growth is imminent, the new topic of Yesterday wo Utatte appearing as ending "Aoi-bashi" performed by Sayuri it is a jewel. Refreshes the end of the chapters and marks the new direction of our protagonist. Your role is essential. Its harmonies are sweet and clear. They make me feel like I am on a bus trip, long trips somehow produce a comforting feeling as if a new ā€œIā€ is back. The road is still long, we have four more chapters left and I am sure that the outcome will leave us with our mouths open. As I always await your opinions, we will nurture ourselves together.


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