Warning! This review on Yesterday wo Utatte Chapters ten and eleven contain spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, you better watch these episodes and then enjoy this review.

Yesterday wo Utatte

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Chapter ten

Shinako's arrival at the Christmas dinner between Rikou and his colleagues changed the direction of this romantic drama. I thought the series would end in unstoppable coming and going, however I am amazed. Haru's visits make Rikou increasingly uncomfortable, especially now that Shinako has openly declared her love. The steps are slow, like everything in this woman, but, at least there is already a marked path for both of them. Dinner went better than we could all think. Waiting for the new year was not easy but it was worth it. The unexpected incident at Haru's home will lead Rikou to his home.

Chapter eleven

This is the penultimate chapter and I can't wait to find out where Rou's new tantrum will end. It was not easy for Shinako and Rikou to accept that they are starting to have a relationship and that going out is good for them. Even more difficult has become to talk about it with Haru and Rou. Both accidentally find out; Haru knew what would happen now he just needs to accept it, who knows where he went; Rou is not as mature as Haru, he needs explanations, but above all to manipulate. This boy knows nothing of love, but he knows selfishness quite well. I don't want to get to the last chapter of Yesterday wo Utatte.

New Year New Life

Before, I believed that a new year offers us the opportunity to rethink who we are, where we are going, what we want, in short, all those things with which we are persuaded by the environment and the climate of the unseen dates. I realize that those dates are powerful in the bus. Public ideology makes us more courageous. Ideas have great repercussions in the lives of all men, they not only enlighten us, they are also a very valuable engine for action. I am amazed by the precise and accurate action of Shinako. It is very true that life cannot go away in uncertainties and fears, time always pushes us forward, but for each one time can be different.

The pace of my walk is not the same as that of the bus that passes by me while I walk on a sidewalk, and yet, for both of them, in the abstract measure of time, the same five seconds have passed. The modern answer to the question about time and its real existence in the world, as well as other functions of matter, has led us to believe that we can feel it, that it is the same for everyone. We have been so busy arguing about the importance of knowledge of reality that we forget that all those mathematics with which we describe the world are only operations of the understanding.

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Shinako's time, the one she has decided to take, is no different than the one we were also able to occupy in her circumstances. It is a mistake to believe, as this anime shows, that human beings are linear, spatial, temporal, and therefore predictable; Those qualities with which we explain reality do not understand us as a union of soul and body, but only as a body. The passions of the soul, as Descartes thought, are the only notions that man can have about himself to understand his composition as a human, not only as a soul, not only as a body. Passions are closest to us.


The path that our pair of lovebirds take can seem tedious. In a world where speed and efficiency permeate the concept of usefulness and servility, a train journey, for example, can be simple vanity and intellectual quackery. The way we live love, sadness, anger, jealousy, desire, admiration, anger, joy, any passion, is not in the same way that we think of days, hours or years. Spending time on emotions; that they grow, that they disappear, that they revive or that they die, it is not an accounting matter, it is only to let them happen the soul and the body. Shinako was accused by us, we said that she was bland and quite indecisive, surely we have had that same step sometime.

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Slowness and patience are not my strengths, I am used to thinking of time as something immediate, to life as sand between my fingers. Anxiety had run through my bones. If I am thankful for isolation, it is that I have learned more about living than when I thought I was living. The course of Yesterday wo Utatte It has been perfectly designed to show us that living calmly and peacefully, without haste and without hesitation, is not only easier, it helps us to grow. Let's not think about time anymore, let's think like before clocks, let's think about time in moments and that these be counted and not shown.

Every time we are clear about what we are, it is difficult to fall into absurd manipulations and tantrums. Haru lives her emotions and although she seems impulsive she knows where to go to continue. Rou usually only cries to get what he wants, he does not live his passions, he just pleases them. Having certain what we want helps us to make better decisions, for ourselves and for others. I have not said unrepeatable occasions; For each of us it is time to grow, as a living organism, as a thinking substance, as humans. The most illustrious century forgot that reason is only a capacity and not the ultimate detonation of what it means to be human. We are not the center of the universe and our genius is summed up with a little cosmic dust, in the end what we have left is only the memory.

© 冬 目 景 / 集 英 社 ・ イ エ ス タ デ イ を う た っ て 製作 委員会

Final conclusions of Yesterday wo Utatte

It has been a pleasure to tour this anime full of new reflections. Adult life seems easy when you are small and want to grow with all your heart. As we grow, time passes faster, that is what they say, however I think it is rather that we tend to think about it more and when we think about it excessively we always rush. Chapter eleven has left me with a bittersweet taste. I am impressed with the path taken by the series, I did not think that finally the accurate course of the characters was established, but at the same time, in the same feeling, I feel nostalgic to dismiss this season.

To say that an anime is a gem, we have in mind elaborate storylines, well-prepared fantasies, exaggerated animations, good music, but Yesterday wo Utatte It has not only taught us lessons about love, time, and adult life, it has also shown us that simplicity can become a gem. The work of the most complex narratives is appreciated, in the simple ones there is a whole open road and above all an extra work for the viewer; Thinking for yourself until you find is that little something everyday and real. Don't waste time, just live it.


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