The second part of the last season of attack on Titan has angered the factions at stake and created a new, imposing threat to all of humanity. Awaiting how the situation will develop in the third and final part of the season arriving in 2023, Let's go through Zeke and Eren Jaeger's complicated plan in detail.

The first signs of Zeke's interest in architecture a way to eliminate the Eldians forever, and with that put an end to the giants, go back when he was just a boy. Intrigued by Professor Xavier's discoveries regarding the possibility of rewrite the DNA of the Eldians With the power of the primordial giant, young Jaeger began thinking about using that power to render her barren.

Later, Zeke inherits the Giant Beast from Xavier and decides to go ahead with the Eldian Annihilation Plan, knowing he must rely on it someone who inherits the powers of the founding giantotherwise useless to members of the royal family, to which Zeke himself belongs as the son of Dina Fritz.

And that's where Eren comes in. At a secret meeting between the two brothers in Marley, Eren decides to accept Zeke's plan, called Euthanasia of the Eldians, although he had declined two years earlier. However, to continue to implement it in the years that followed, considering how much Zeke has left to live in, the Giant Beast must be inherited by Historia Reiss, the last heir to the Royal Family of the Walls.

The bloody victory over Marley led by Eren and the doubts raised in Paradis about his intentions lead to this capture of the protagonist, later rescued by the Jaegerists, a group of revolutionaries led by Floch. A series of strategic counterattacks by Marley and Paradis lead to the meeting between Eren and Zeke in the Shiganshina District.

The contact between the two transposes them into the coordinate, where Ymir, the ancestor of giants, is also present. Here, the two put each other to the test, and by the time Zeke finds out how his brother influenced his father's actions to inherit the Founder's power, it's too late. Eren manages to imprison Zeke in the coordinate and enacts his plan: Destroy the Marleyans by unleashing the rumblethe March of the Colossal Giants, which concludes the second part of the Final Season.

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