There are hundreds and hundreds of university addresses that represent the academic world. Of course, in this ever-changing world, new ones are added sometimes. There are A university in Japan that has announced an anime and manga address.

There is one university that seems to be keeping up with the times. In fact, the university in question has just announced that it will open enrollments for A course on anime and manga. The news comes from Crunchyroll, which not only caused us emotions every week with the new releases, also reported the announcement of Kaishi Professional University, a private school in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. This means that those enrolled at this university will graduate in these disciplines in the years to come, as the department is expected to be operational from April 2021.

In their freshman year the university will have 80 students who You will have courses in theory and practice on animation, manga, character design, game design, computer graphics, web design, merchandising, advertising, video editing, and much more.

Kaishi Professional University is currently open for enrollment the first of December. The first placement test will take place two weeks later and the school will decide who will be admitted to this new course. Who knows if there will be A course for dubbingBy the way, the dubbing of the new Evangelion movie has officially ended, and that of The Attack of the Giants has Eren's voice actor in tears.

What do you think of this new address? Would you enroll in this university? Let us know in the comments!

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