There is no peace on Onigashima Island. Attacked by the Alliance's forces, there is fighting that continues undaunted in every corner. And to demonstrate that Chapter 996 of ONE PIECE further shows us what happens to all competitors.

While Blackbeard brushes his teeth along with a hippopotamus in the cover requested by a fan, ONE PIECE 996 begins with O-Tama, who saves Nami and Usopp. The Mugiwara are both alive despite being badly injured while the trio flees to Komachiyo. Meanwhile, Hihimaru intervenes and tries to stop Page One and Ulti for three minutes, as his lover demands. They too will fight because they are samurai.

The fight of Yamato versus Sasaki and his men. The group has shrunk, but the girl continues to suffer from the soldiers' fire to protect Shinobu and Momonosuke. After Yamato refuses to flee, he watches as Sasaki draws his sword and prepares to fight in the first person. But Kaido's daughter is not intimidated: In the next panel we see the beginning of her transformation, which Sasaki can intimidate. But Franky arrives in the area, followed by Haccha. The giant destroys the ground and Yamato takes the opportunity to escape, letting the robot take control of this ground. Before falling, however, he hits Haccha and hits him with a flying shot.

Yes Law finally sees who, after eliminating some enemies, thinks back to Nico Robin's words about the D-Clan, followed by memories of Corazon. There is a poneglyph in front of him, but it's not the red one they were looking for. Kidd reappears tooalong with Killer while capturing all of the nearby metal in preparation for battle with Kaido.

The emperor is still on top of the dome. The samurai have almost all fallen, the last to fall are Kin'emon and Denjuro, it seems that no one is standing yet. Big Mom, who gave up the clash with Marco, returns to the stage but already warns that he wants to go on the roof. Finally, Luffy and his companions go to the third floor of the castle. However, Sanji hears a woman's voice and is captured. What will happen in ONE PIECE 997??

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