After the many male Saiyajins featured during Dragon Ball Z, it was the turn of a female exponent of the race. The first of these came in a special on bardock, but most of the female Saiyans got into the saga thanks to Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power brought the Warriors of Universe 6 into play.

The Saiyajins are kale and caulifla, two girls who really gave the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super of Universe 7 a run for their money. But their skills went way beyond what they expected when they used the fusion with Potara earrings to bring the Super Kefla to life.

Over the months we have seen many cosplays dedicated to Kale and Caulifla. Instead, the two Saiyajin warriors merge. This is what we think about facing Goku and the others Kefla Cosplay from Dima Batalov. The Russian cosplayer is not the first time she has entered the world of Dragon Ball Super. This time he did it with the Saiyan in the normal version, hence with black hair, which is partly related to the two warriors, and the same goes for the red clothes, including t-shirt and tight pants, which are suitable for combat.

Fans of Dragon Ball Super They also let the imagination run wild by thinking of a version of Kefla obtained with Metamor Fusion.

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New photo Kefla πŸ₯ Which country and which city are you from? πŸ‘‡I come from a small town in Russia l. I was born and live here. I like the speed of big cities, but I'm used to a small, quiet city. Ph @yangingerfox

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