The world of female cosplay revolves above all around the sexiest figures in the anime and manga panorama. And among the most accomplished there are obviously the most erotic and well-known protagonists of this industry, such as ONE PIECE's Nami but above all Dragon Ball Bulma, which given its age has certainly been in the fantasies of many.

We have brought you many cosplay on Bulma bunny, that version born thanks to the inspiration of Playboy and that despite appearing briefly in Dragon Ball has quickly become among the most appreciated, and today we continue to do it with another cosplayer.

Darshelle Stevens has published new photos taken with the Bunny Bulma cosplay with the two images of the tweet below. The dress is the classic Bulma bunny with black bodice, blue stockings, bow and red heels and ears over long blue hair. The poses and the curvy body of the cosplayer Darshelle then contribute to fueling the erotic charge of the photos.

The cosplay quickly went viral, so much so that it also received illustrations dedicated by fans, such as that of StvartakMato that you can always see at the bottom of the news. What do you think of this version of the character of Dragon Ball? Do you prefer her or Mikomin's Bunny Bulma cosplay?

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