Among the strongest characters in ONE PIECE the four emperors certainly stand out. Among them is Big Mom, who, thanks to the powers of the Soul Soul Fruit, made the protagonists tremble several times. Let's find out together what women can do.

The main ability that the fruit bestows is the ability to breathe life into inanimate objects by introducing into them a soul that is reminiscent of them Paramisha Shadow Shadow recorded by Gekko Moria.

While in the past those powers were possessed by caramel, it is now Charlotte Linlin to use them to infuse a soul into various objects to create an army of so-called "Homies"Beings who are loyal to those who gave them life and who obey every command she gives. The Empress can also separate part of her mind to help give birth to more powerful homies, as in the case of Zeus, Napoleon and Prometheus. What is made for an anime takes on some human characteristics. If the container is an animal, it can walk upright. If instead it is an object, it is given a face. The homies too You get skills and memory the original soul owner.

When Big Mom activates her power, the target's life is completely in her hands, of which she has the ability Choose the amount of blood to be extracted from the subject. Total oppression corresponds to death.

However, this devil fruit has several weaknesses. Indeed, a necessary condition for taking possession of another's mind is the fear of death of the target, without which the ability is ineffective. Even if the creatures given life by the power of the soul-soul feel terror, they let the soul escape from their body by dying. The same fate is reserved for the homies they clash with Yomi Yom fruitagainst whom they are disadvantaged.

Another big problem with harnessing these powers is moral nature. All of the skills listed in fact require the use of the spiritual essence. The fruit does not allow you to give life out of nowhere, but rather to steal it from other living beings. It is certainly possible to use your own soul, but that it would lead to death of the user. In the case of Big Mom, however, these latter problems do not arise because of the monstrous nature of the character, who does not pay particular attention to the lives of those around him.

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