After many chapters of prologue and situation management on Wanokuni, it seems that ONE PIECE has reached the heart of the saga: the clash with Kaido. Obviously before we can really see the final battle with the emperor it will take time in which Oda will have to weave other textures and plots, in particular for the clashes between the crews.

The chapter 979 of ONE PIECE it started with a meeting of Chiffon and Laura's family, but it also started to lay the groundwork for future confrontations. After starting to hint that Zoro will get lost and meet some enemy, Eiichiro Oda focused on Luffy. The captain of the straw hat pirates ventured alone for Onigashima, mixing with the pirates of the hundred beasts in celebration and drunk marches who do not recognize him immediately.

Except that during these celebrations Luffy must observe how these bifolchi don't care to consume all the food present, throwing the shiruko around and therefore wasting portions of food that would be well seen by the hungry inhabitants of Wanokuni. In particular, the Mugiwara captain thinks of little Tama who has had to endure hunger pangs for a long time. The fury presented by Luffy in the last cartoon of ONE PIECE is such as to make us understand that sooner or later the captain will go wild. Will he really make this rash gesture right away or will he be able to keep everything inside, waiting for the right moment to make Kaido and his people pay for it?

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