In the sixth season of My hero academy The war of liberation from the paranormal front weighs heavily on the heroes committed to countering Shigaraki and the advance of the Gigantomachy. Soon Daby will also play a central role in the conflict and will turn out to be a more cunning villain than expected. but What is Dabi's real name? let's find out

First appeared in Chapter 57 of the manga and Episode 31 of the anime, Daby immediately turned out to be a cruel villain, sadistic and with one of the most devastating powers of the entire series created by Kohei Horikoshi. The quirk of cremation that manifests as blue flamesHe allows Daby to burn and melt anything and everything, but his own body can't take it because he inherited his mother's frost resistance.

As you'll find out later, and as many avid readers of the series have suspected over the last few years, Dabi does indeed have a connection to the Todoroki family. The villain's real name is actually Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Pro Hero Endeavor and older brother of Shoto. Jealous of his father's attention to his little brother, the true masterpiece of the Todoroki family, who is presumed dead after an accident, Toya decides to nurture his hatred towards Enji and take revenge on the whole family. In doing so, he publicly discredits Endeavor itself and brings down the already shaky reputation of the entire Hero Society.

After finally detaching himself from his former life, Toya decides to literally call himself Dabi.cremation, and as a member of the Union of Villains, he forms a fairly strong bond with Twice and follows the ideologies of Stain, although under certain circumstances he can be even wilder and more amused than the Assassin of Heroes. Finally, we let you know why All For One is annoyed by Bakugo.

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