dragon ball It is known internationally as a masterpiece. Not only the manga, but also the animated implementation. The latter has also evolved over the decades: from the 80s to the 90s and beyond. The anime staff not only recreate Toriyama's style, but bring in their own.

And then let's analyze the aesthetic differences in more detail between the 90's Dragon Ball Z anime and the contemporary oneie great. The image we're taking as an example can be found at the bottom of the news and is curated by Lederle201, a well-known Brazilian artist who reworks images of Super.

One of the characters on screen is the prince's son and by the way, have you ever wondered what is behind Trunks' hand gestures? The light blue (or purple) boy is flanked on either side by Vegeta and Goku, both fit Super Saiyan Blue. If we scroll to the right of the tweet, we see the same screen of the Dragon Ball Super anime but hand-converted in the Dragon Ball Z aesthetic style. First impressions are strong, especially for longtime viewers: the artist has done things well.

His work is so accurate that looks like a Z frame. The difference in the color palette is immediately apparent. Compared to Super, these are even desaturated and, if you will, more realistic. The skin of the faces of the three Saiyajins is even more depressed by their emotionality. The strands of hair are more elaborate and there is a distant semblance of blood around the wounds, although it has to be said that in Z it would have been bright red. Some old anime have actually lost a significant dose of violence. However, the latter is well present in the fan-made animation Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale.

What do you think about it? Would you like the Dragon Ball anime to take it back? traditional style? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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