We may have reached the final greetings of the long diatribe between Tomura Shigaraki and the society of heroes, which started with the second volume of the manga by My Hero Academia. The young and restless Shigaraki, after losing his All for One teacher, began to change his attitude becoming an ever greater danger for society.

This danger has reached its climax in recent stories with the obtaining of an army made up of thousands of men and a power that goes beyond what was imagined. With the acceptance of All for One within oneself, Shigaraki may have obtained supreme power.

To keep going this dichotomy between good and evil could All Might also reappears. The now ex-hero with no more ounce of power is destined to die shortly, at least according to that famous prophecy made years before by Sir Nighteye. Being without powers, Toshinori Yagi has so far been out of the game but could return in time for the saga finale where, with his death, he will unleash the final battle between One for All and All for One. However, one must understand how the former owner of One for All can become part of the games.

Do you think All Might will return during this My Hero Academia saga or will his death be postponed with a few twists? Meanwhile Weekly Shonen Jump has anticipated a chapter 272 of My Hero Academia with a high lethality rate for the protagonists.

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