The current saga of the manga by My Hero Academia week by week, there is a constant surprise. Between the assault on the Garaki laboratory by the Endeavor team, and the offensive on the refuge of the Paranormal Front, readers look to the new weekly issue with high expectations.

On Twitter a rather reliable My Hero Academia leaker, @aitaikimochi, shared the preview of chapter 272 with their followers, which anticipates a new danger on the horizon:

"Will heroes be able to face this formidable power?"

The description is rather vague and, given the recent events inside the manga, the "formidable power" to which it alludes is identifiable in various antagonists. First of all Shigaraki Tomura. During chapter 270 we learned how the awakening of the villain is imminent, to the point that Midoriya himself was able to perceive it.

However, given the recent developments of the latest weekly release, published yesterday on MangaPlus, there is a good chance that Gigantomachia is the threat that will fall on our heroes. At the end of chapter 272, in fact, the servant creature of All For One awakens, preluding an imminent entry onto the battlefield.

To further increase the pathos of the story are the fate of Hawks, which - although he was rescued by Tokoyami - is in poor condition. His back, in fact, has been totally charred by the fire of Dabi, as well as part of his face.

What exactly did Shigaraki Tomura experience in chapter 270 of My Hero Academia? What is the "Quirk Singularity Thesis" in the world of My Hero Academia?

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