Among the longest-running Weekly Shonen Jump manga is Haikyu !!, focused on volleyball and written by Haruichi Furudate. Now at the gates of chapter 400, it has been in publication for over eight years but it seems that the mangaka has already decided to complete its work. In addition to an announcement from months ago, another statement now arrives.

After the timeskip that saw the growth of Hinata and the other guys of that monstrous generation, Haikyu !! has moved on to what appears to be the final game. Announced as the last narrative arc, it is not known if Furudate intends to present another phase with the Olympics or if he will stop at this game between Hinata and Kageyama.

The fact remains that, at the end of chapter 396, the author has decided to include a rather particular message in the narrative. The game is about to enter the penultimate set and, in the last cartoons, the author has specified that "it is not known if there will be only one set or two, but regardless of the case, this party will soon have an end".

A rather blatant phrase that heralds farewell to Hinata and Kageyama to its readers and all the other volleyball players who have made us excited and entertained over the past few years. Are you ready to say goodbye to Haikyu? In the same chapter, the author presented Haikyu's best fan-rated team.

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