The following review of Kaguya-sama: Love War - Chapter 9 It contains a spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will be the living demonstration that the ego can do more, but if there is love, perhaps it can win.

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"Be fair and sincere."

Shirogane: "Don't be quiet ... Did they find something at the hospital? Or did I inadvertently do something that would make you hate me? ”
Kaguya: "You did nothing to make me hate you."
Shirogane: "Is it because of that almost kiss in the sports equipment store?"


The fifth member of the Student council of the Shuchiin Academy is the Financial Auditor Lino Miko, who has spent only a few days in that advice and you already want to give it up. But that girl who imagined a great story of struggles and tragedies within the adviceBeing the voice of the students oppressed by the elite and raising the voice of those who lose their rights against two cruel leaders, he has encountered reality. A much more rugged reality than that of "Merciless meritocracy" with mafia style, oppressive boss, imposing collaborators and charitable souls represented angelicly who decide to carry the weight and blame of others.

Ah yes… they omitted Ishigami, the Student Council Treasurer. But the reality is shown in the "Next: Chapter 128. The Truth About Student Council." The members are lewd, - "The President is a prostitute." - "I like black panties!" - "I will make you feel better." -"Say no more". This is what the “Student Council represents” and Linen does not accept this type of impurities.

The future psychologist and personal therapist of Linen, Osaragi Kobachi, has made the decision to ignore the great imagination of Linen and try to analyze their stories as well as work on finding the true path of all this, because in their logic no member is like Linen describes it. But for a twist of terms, Linen has made impure Kaguya Shinomiya instead of Miyuki ShiroganeThe problem is that the girl became an oppressor, a manipulator of men. How do I arrive Lino Miko to that conclusion? We don't know, the doubt also the burden Osaragi. But Linen is willing to question Kaguya about it and facing this terrible and lewd situation, just as your toxic ex-girlfriend would.

A question amidst a roar and very direct from Linen to Kaguya, "What do you think of President Shirogane?" What Kaguya in all his effort not to collapse he responds sincerely, "Why do you ask me that? When even I don't know the answer. ” A blow to the mind of Linen that she has zeroed out after such an incredibly pure and sincere response.

"Today's results ... Lino loses."


The difficulty of seeing the President is very obvious and has become one more concern for the President who has little time to sleep and now to think about this dilemma. The reason for all this is that incident that occurred in the team's warehouse, the almost kiss between Shirogane and Shinomiya. To be able to control that cause of shame without suffering a stroke, avoiding a "Blood clot" (another congenital disease other than "Hole in the heart"). The solution to all this mess comes from the unique and incredible Hayasaka Ai "Develop a relaxing ritual", a technique used by professional athletes around the world to control their emotions and stay calm.

The work of Kaguya is to find a gesture with which you feel comfortable… Starting by moving consecutively until you find that gesture. In the midst of that theatrical dance, Kaguya find a comfortable move "Stroke your left cheek with your right hand". Now the job is to master that comfortable ritual until it becomes a powerful weapon that can control your emotions in the face of it. President. Now when putting that ritual into practice, don't run away and face the President.

Being surprisingly direct, the President has faced Kaguya and he asked her about her motives for running away as soon as she sees him. Preventing her from running away, he President taking her hand ... Just the right hand with which she performs her relaxation ritual. Possible solutions: a key practiced by Kaguya could quickly push away Shiroganebecause she is black tape in Aikido and Judo. But here the hot conversation begins:
Shirogane: "Don't be quiet ... Did they find something at the hospital? Or did I inadvertently do something that would make you hate me? ”
Kaguya: "You did nothing to make me hate you."
Shirogane: "Is it because of that almost kiss in the sports equipment store?"

"The President brings up the subject of the kiss"He comes closer and closer explaining that everything was a misunderstanding about that almost kiss, he fell on top of her to prevent her from falling to the ground. But this only made her desperate and will bring out her self-defense tactics, knocking out the President.

Ishigami saw it and heard it all “Although rituals between professional athletes have been going on for a long time, by the time it becomes the next media scoop, people start to imitate it. Especially members of high school sports teams. They copy the ritual of voting their water bottles in a trash can. When, to begin with, a ritual is a routine that you do every day… ”

"Today's results ... Kaguya wins (She mastered the relaxing ritual)."


"The Yay tribe!" They say "Yay" at every opportunity, they are the opposite pole of an asocial person like Ishigami. "I made a terrible decision in a moment of doubt."

Ishigami "His story continues in victory and defeat at the sports festival."


We start well and strong like a whip Christian Gray against Anna, because the references that were highlighted in this chapter are for promotional video. Let's start with the type tragedy Drama, we continue with the ailment of the woman who is illuminated by an earthly angel, we pass Charlie Brown (who already made social criticism), we continue with the signs of what was the first Anime and Sleeve from the 70s with first warm displays of affection and we finished with the cherry in the ice cream of "Vanilla" highlighting the book of 50 shades of gray. Here we hit hard on the criticism of the typical Shojo, but the truth is that this series is the most original and taken to another level that we could imagine, it has everything and nothing is missing, because if we add it we pack it (exaggerate).

There is nothing more to say more than ... If we talk about exaggerations the image of Lino Miko for reference in the dictionary. The truth is that her imagination has another level, one higher than your toxic ex-girlfriend, but since she has the desire and the doubts for the "truth", she has decided to pass her ideas to another level, as to another dimension and everything thanks to your friend Osaragi. The girl tried to make her friend understand the truth, but it turns out that she ended up turning Kaguya in an oppressor of the opposite sex, with power, terror and authority. The bad thing is that there is no reason here either and his mind was worse than a fried egg that you tried to turn into scrambled, simple has no reason to exist. Kaguya I end up confusing the poor girl's mind more with dramatic novel type imagination combined with Shojo manga.

Now that the episode gets its attention back to our doves, the two young students President and Vice President of the Student Council They will have to face the truth about what happened in that sporting goods warehouse, but Kaguya he decides to avoid at all costs that theme and the character that was part of that scene. To the advantage of Kaguya, the help of her faithful friend Hayasaka Ai ends up being useful to face the shame of seeing the boy who almost gave him his first kiss. Now the relaxation ritual tactic that allows you to speak calmly with the President and endure that moment, but what she did not expect is that this boy would face her raw and put her most beautiful face to touch that subject that makes them uncomfortable ... The result was a style key karate Kid to end that awkward moment.

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