Devils are fascinating creatures that have been portrayed in many ways throughout history. In Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga, Chainsaw Man, we see a new interpretation of these beings. They are depicted as treacherous creatures that feed on human fear and despair. Fujimoto has created different categories of devils in his manga that add to their complexity and depth.

The first category is the classic shape of a devil, which remains faithful to their natural appearance. In Chainsaw Man, Fujimoto has created imaginative and intricate designs for these devils. Their appearances are both abstruse and fascinating.

The second category is the pact between a devil and a human. Denji, the protagonist of Chainsaw Man, made a pact with the little Fujita to give birth to the chainsaw man. This creature has the power of a devil, but the devil's will has disappeared. This adds an interesting dimension to the devil's character, as they are no longer just a source of fear and despair, but also a source of power.

The third category is the majins, which are beings formed by a devil that manages to possess a corpse and enter the real world. The devil's memory remains the same, but their outer shell changes. The most famous majin in Chainsaw Man is Power, a spoiled, violent, and arrogant girl. Her character adds comedic relief to the series and brings some of the most entertaining moments to life.

One such moment is seen in the anime, where Power prepares to be groped by Denji in the bathroom. Her pink shirt and fake cups deceive Denji, making for a funny and unique scene. This cosplay video of Power in the bathroom perfectly captures the essence of her character.


In conclusion, Fujimoto has created a complex and imaginative world of devils in Chainsaw Man. The different categories of devils add depth to their character and make them more than just a source of fear and despair. Power, the most famous majin in the series, adds a comedic touch that makes the manga more enjoyable. Chainsaw Man is an excellent read for those interested in devils and their interpretation in literature.

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