My sweet friends, have you been following the debate raging in Japan over whether Twitter is having a negative impact on society? This globally popular social media platform has long been controversial for spreading incomplete and negative opinions. The character limits on posts have also sparked discussion over whether meaningful conversations can actually happen on the platform.

Recently, Japanese netizens have started questioning if Twitter is detrimentally affecting Japan’s society. Some argue Japanese society wasn’t ready for social media and Twitter is promoting opposing views and extreme sensitivity.

Comments from Japanese netizens on a popular discussion forum also suggest the need for social approval and comparison with others is affecting the psychology of Twitter users in Japan. Some have also pointed out the platform promotes negative content over positive content.


Here are some of the Japanese netizens’ comments on Twitter’s impact on Japanese society:

  • “I think Japanese society still wasn't ready for social media.”
  • “All of Japan should stop using Twitter as a main social network.”
  • “Everything is so abnormal, as if the whole country has become extremely sensitive to opposing opinions.”
  • “I think it's generally because Twitter promotes posts with a negative cut among its users.”
  • “Even though Japan has the peculiarity of having a 'clean society,' it seems that it can get dirty when they run into something as dirty as Twitter.”
  • “Twitter has no problems with defamation, minor fornication and even child exploitation, but severely punishes erotic anime illustrations.”
  • “I don't quite understand how people can post their opinions on any topic without fear of being criticized.”
  • “At first I didn't care about Twitter. But once I got a lot of likes on a post, I suddenly started to feel the need for social approval.”
  • “Oh no, monsters that require social approval started to be born, as Bocchi said.”
  • “There shouldn't be a problem, but the Japanese weren't ready yet.”
  • “The smartest thing is to avoid things that seek to stir up controversy, but we feel a natural attraction to this kind of thing.”
  • “It's amazing that if you don't use Twitter, you won't be able to keep up with the current world.”
  • “They shouldn't care so much about the approval of people they don't even know in real life. Why are people like that?”
  • “All this is because Twitter promotes things that do not deserve to be promoted.”
  • “People would probably be happier if they stopped comparing themselves with others, stop looking sideways, and just look ahead.”


Japanese views on Twitter's impact vary. Some cite concerns over negativity, sensitivity to differing views, defamation, and child exploitation. Others note natural draws to controversy and social validation through likes/followers. A few suggest people would be happier comparing less to others and focusing on themselves. Twitter's influence in Japan remains debated.

In summary, the discussion over Twitter's impact on Japanese society continues. The comments from Japanese netizens highlight some thought-provoking perspectives on social media's influence. But what do you think, sweet friend? How has Twitter shaped society where you live? There are always many sides to every story.


Source: Yaraon!

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