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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double - Chapter 8: Yanagi and Kiri want to have fun!

The discussion of hana Y sakurai deteriorated because he called Yanagi namely a few minutes after meeting her while hana He continues to call her by her last name even though they have known each other for more than 5 years. As punishment, they will call each other by name all day long. Likewise hana she wants to know the reason she's the only one who won't call her name, so after thinking about it, sakurai he tells her that maybe it's because she's special to him.

Once Yanagi returned home and told him about his work visit hana, kiri He seems a bit irritated because they are in exam season so he has to study and can't train. So kiri He asks his father for help without his mother knowing because he wants to go to the gym to exercise.

At the gym, kiri He starts training, taking advantage of the fact that it's mostly filled with older adults for the season. He starts with weights and then walks, but encounters some "competitors" in those sections and decides to head to the main attraction, the pool. He would not be alone in the advanced swimming line, however, as his father had told him, as he was sakurai who swam at great speed to forget what he was saying hana.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Chapter 8
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romance begins

Although it is obvious that the story is from romancethe truth is that the contribution of the genre in general is quite scarce mainly on the part of the protagonists sakurai. The actions and reactions of hana They reveal their feelings, but the vast majority of times these are shown are due to the pressure caused by a supporting character. For his part sakurai had only shown a real "friendly relationship". uzakiwho only embarrasses himself at times when any male character normally would.

Nevertheless, Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double - Chapter 8 marked the arrival of the first big moment in which sakurai He begins to recognize his feelings. Even though previous episodes some details had been shown to suggest this was certainly the most direct of all. Even more than almost all attempts hana.

I confess that when I saw this animated part I couldn't help but read the manga from the beginning until I got it up to date and refreshed what I had seen. And I have to say that at the moment, although it doesn't suit me badly, I think that's the effect sakurai realized what he had just said hana. That may be because in the manga, I think the blushing of both characters is much bigger than in the animated adaptation.

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This wasn't the only time that the different reactions of the characters (compared to the original source) left me with a "bittersweet" taste in my mouth. Well, the sudden appearance of Me with his father and Yanagi it was the other. Although I think the essence of surprise is a little lost in the adaptation, the addition of her father imagining how his daughter might know what's happening was a plus point that I really appreciated in the chapter liked.

David versus Goliath

the character of Kiri Uzaki had more than one appearance in the animated adaptations. However, so far he has not had a great opportunity to appear on the big screen. And now that he did it in the eighth chapter Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! DoubleI have one more question about the character... what is his purpose in the plot?

While I understand that not all characters need/should be relevant to a story's plot regardless of their source, the truth is so kiri no additional character. Their relevance was not necessary in the past, and I do not find them important now either. Currently being in an arc pointing to this will be the revelation sakurai about his feelings for hana. The rebellious younger brother of it contributes nothing.

Yanagi At least he was persistent and discovered the kind of relationship the protagonists have to support his sister. An important contribution in this particular arc. While kiri I have a feeling it just popped up to try and add something comedy to the story and thus "cut" the atmosphere that is beginning to form. Basically I understand kiri as plot filler.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Chapter 8
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I know what fate has in store for the character based on the manga, but even if my view of the character doesn't change. In fact, I would say sorry more abruptly/forced.

Maybe that's also due to the introduction of the character. For example, how about your meeting with sakurai Would it have been different in the pool? uncover that kiri He "admires" a mysterious former student at his high school who was a member of the swimming club. And that based on his performances, he believed that this would be very popular with the girls, so he wanted to imitate him. With time until kiri He started swimming and met his "idol" in the pool. Have a conversation with him without either of them knowing his relationship to him hana. Something like the relationship of sakurai Y Fuji for now.

I don't mean to discredit the character or the author of the work, I just want to say that I find the character kiri. Basically because it's something of the "black sheep" in the story. One full of characters interfering in the relationship of the protagonists.

Of course I found his reaction quite amusing and poignant when he met sakurai in the bathroom.

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