Recently, one of the anime's animators revealed that the current original Boruto arc has entered its final phase. However, it seems that the Saga in the Land of Water will keep viewers company for most of June 2022.

According to rumors from insider @ Abdul_S17, the Great Battle of the Land of Water saga is destined to become theThe original anime arc is longer than the opera. Previously, this record was held with 21 "filler" episodes from the Mitsuki-dedicated saga.

TV Tokyo's current June schedule is scheduled to air four episodes of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. As always, the date will be set in the simulcast on Crunchyroll every Sunday.

It begins airing June 5 with episode 252 entitled "A Strong Conviction." Here we find out whether the peaceful condemnation of Boruto, or the warrior of Ikada who woke up after the drama of Clan Funato in Boruto 250. It continues on June 12 with episode 253 entitled "Incompatible Feelings". Boruto and Ikada, until recently good friends, now have irreconcilable feelings.

The original anime arc is expected to end on June 19th with episode 254. She is titled "Vortex of Revenge" and will direct the final revenge. This will be the 22nd episode of the Filler saga. The final June episode scheduled for Day 26 is called Troublesome Homework. The Leaf's ninjas might do the trick Return to Konohahowever, where they find other problems.

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