It's been a while since it first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump in the 1980s. Still, Dragon Ball doesn't feel 37 years old and is still a very entertaining series, both in manga and anime format, that continues to inspire the new generations of mangaka and animators. Dragon Ball is a name everyone grew up with.

Many remember her with passion Epic stories of Dragon Ball Z, the most zealous, and those threatening to permanently change the fate of Earth or the entire universe. Much further away however is the memory of the start of the Dragon Ball journey, with much calmer and quieter atmospheres as Goku still had to understand his own strength and how the whole world worked. Also, there were no intergalactic threats risking destroying everything if Goku lost a simple fight.

And the number of rabbit Bulma, which appeared very little and yet has burned itself into the minds of Dragon Ball fans. The Capsule Corporation's young inventor was forced to wear a Playboy-style costume. Jazlyn Skyy dresses it up, along with a blue wig and other accessories to replicate hers Bulma Bunny Cosplayas seen in the photo.

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