In spite of Dragon Ball GT is work that is indeed fun overall. However, TOEI Animation’s original series is missing a number of issues that unfortunately have affected the overall quality of the anime. The element that fans value more than others is Super Saiyan 4.

Even today, fans are still hoping that Super Saiyan 4 can go canon, a transformation that comes with the recent introduction of theUltra instinct. It really does seem so Akira Toriyama is Toyotaro I don’t want to canonize the famous transformation of Dragon Ball GT, a choice that is likely also linked to merchandising issues. However, few know that the designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru had imagined a different look for the SSJ 4.

In fact, during an old interview, the character designer revealed: “There was no other project than the one final draft. It was just a question of the colors, in fact I even drew a variant with blonde hair. However, I thought it looked better with black hair and that’s why I finally went for this variant. The combination of black and red is a much more dynamic scheme in my opinion.“”

And you, on the other hand, how would you have preferred the Super Saiyan 4, with blonde hair or the black we all know today? Please let us know as usual with a comment below. You can still get an idea of ​​what Goku might look like with blonde hair thanks to the illustration at the top of the page.

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