With the growing attention to the world of manga, it turns out that even the magazines have a high importance in the whole production mechanism. On the latter, the stories are published weekly or monthly, each with one chapter. Weekly Shonen Jump is the most famous and best selling in Japan.

The magazine has produced some of the best shonen of all time and currently boasts the presence of ONE PIECE, the record-breaking manga, and many other interesting projects and on the crest of the wave. How much is Weekly Shonen Jump selling now?? And how much do all the publisher's other magazines sell? To unveil the 2021 dates, let's consider the 2022 Shueisha Media Guide, which takes into account last year's dates.

  • there Circulation of Weekly Shonen Jump is 1,390,000 copiesdown 8.55%;
  • Shonen Jump+ instead boasts 19 million total downloads (+2%), 4.6 million weekly active users (+15%) and a daily active user count of 1.8 million;
  • V-Jump has a circulation of 147,000 copies (-5.16%);
  • Saikyo Jump has a circulation of 148,000 (+13.85%);
  • Jump SQ has a circulation of 140,000 copies (-13.04%);
  • Its Weekly Young Jump magazine reaches 349,000 printed copies (-15.50%);
  • Ultra Jump has an average circulation of 25,000 copies (+25%);
  • Grand Jump has a circulation of 122,000 copies (-15.28%);
  • Ribon has an average print run of 132,000 copies (-0.75%);
  • Cookie reaches 19,000 copies (-9.52%);
  • Margaret falls to 16,000 copies (-23.81%);
  • Bessatsu Margaret, on the other hand, reached 60,000 copies (-11.76%);
  • The Margaret has a circulation of 16,000 copies (-20%);
  • Office YOU has an average of 38,000 copies (-2.56%);
  • Cocohana reaches 42,000 printed copies (-14.29%);
  • Finally, the Mangamee app has a total of 10.98 million downloads (+2.98 million compared to the previous year) and 2.51 million monthly active users (+25.5%).

Shueisha then reveals the numbers of her entire manga ecosystem. We notice at once how inevitable the decline of the printed word is, barring some improvement for very few journals. The two Shueisha circuit's app records very important numbers instead and will surely become the fulcrum of future manga distribution.

Do you know how the Weekly Shonen Jump printing process works?

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