In recent years, innumerable animated and printed productions have emerged that have attracted the attention of a wide audience, but among many there is no doubt about it Demon Hunter has developed into one of the most successful franchise companies despite an anything but crackling start.

In a first phase, the manga was actually able to win a niche of fans for itself, which, however, was numerically far below the original expectations. However, general word of mouth and the arrival of the animated adaptation contributed to the explosion of the product that is still on the lips of many fans today, as demonstrated by cosplay and fan art on social media.

In particular, the characters in the series turned out to be the real pillars of production, both for their charisma and character design. Well, recently the birthday of the beloved Zenitsu took place, a character best known to fans for his demeanor and demeanor. To celebrate the event The guys from the Ufotable studio have therefore decided to publish a new thematic work of art, lovely work that can be seen on incoming messages where Zenitsu is about to face fate himself on his most important day.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that in the last few hours some bespoke sneakers with the Demon Slayer theme were presented for over 400 euros.

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