Fans of Firepower eagerly awaiting the anime adaptation of some of the key events on the website of Atsuki Okubo, creator of the Soul Eater series. After completing the celebrated fifth pillar narrative arc, we will actually see the expedition to the Chinese peninsula.

The current goal of the protagonists is to find information about the Flame of Genesis, and after failing to protect Inka Kasugatani. Special Brigades 2, 4, and 8 decide to band together for this missionand they go to their new destination. In addition to Shinra and Companions, we will see Ogun Montgomery, who is very much appreciated by fans, and also the introduction of two new characters.

To celebrate the arrival of the new episodes and the start of the new storyline, Funimation was shared on Twitter the spectacular key visual which you can find at the bottom of the news. In addition to the new allies, the promotional image also shows us the new enemies and the special environment that the brigades have to deal with. As written in the post The adventure on the Chinese peninsula will develop in four episodesfrom the seventh to the tenth.

Remember that the protagonist of the series, Shinra, received an incredible Funko Pop! Custom, and we leave you to the first episode of Fire Force 2 with Italian subtitles.

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