It took a while chainsaw man to step into the limelight. Studio MAPPA's anime attracts all types of viewers every Tuesday, with the characters always managing in one way or another to grab the attention of those who watch them at work. And the proof is that Power appeared in a Japanese magazine.

But not only that, because after a certain episode, the girl's popularity skyrocketed. Chainsaw Man 1x04 he saw Denji's famous reward to be given by Power. The protagonist's touch went viral and contributed to the creation of figurines of power in this pose. But of course it doesn't stop there.

Cosplayer Seracoss saw fit to reproduce this scene. In her photo, Power sits in the same orange 76.1 t-shirt while looking magnanimous, pushing her blond hair back from her neck to grant Denji freedom while the red horns above are clearly visible. This Power cosplay in the bathroom prepares to be groped Many fans are sure to be happy about that, because the post on Instagram went viral with almost 35,000 likes. What do you think of this photo?

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