NHK, the Japanese broadcaster that owns the broadcast rights For your eternity, confirmed that the anime will debut in Japan on April 12th after a delay of about six months. The series will air in the west by Crunchyroll, who confirmed this Broadcast in simulcast also in Italy.

For your eternity is an anime by Brain base (Spice and Wolf, Assassination Classroom), based on the manga of the same name Yoshitoki Oima, former author of La Forma della Voce. Crunchyroll describes the summary as follows: "A boy hiking alone in the arctic regions of North America meets a wolf and the two quickly become friends who rely on each other to survive in an inhospitable environment. But the boy is hiding something in his past and even the wolf is not quite what he seems ...".

The manga is still being serialized in Japan, where it has fourteen published volumes. In Italy, distribution will be transferred to Edizioni Star Comics, who have already published the first eleven. Brain's Base revealed that The first season will consist of 20 episodesTherefore, the anime series should transpose the first five tankobons, minus the unlikely cuts.

What do you think about it? Are you going to follow this anime? Let us know in the comments. To find out more, check out the latest To Your Eternity trailer, which is available with Italian subtitles.

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