A year and a half ago we told you about an interesting project that was organized by a Japanese non-profit organization called Animator Dormitory Project and funded through crowdfunding. Today the program has become a reality and is used by dozens of animatorswho regularly inform followers and supporters through their YouTube channel.

Ryoko, one of the dorm's residents, recently posted a video talk about their salary situationmore or less in line with that of most Freelencers. According to the girl, her 2019 annual income was around 668,000 yen, with an average of 74,000 yen per month.

The video at the top of the article reveals a few more details, and according to the animator, the situation has not improved much in the past two years. In January 2020, Ryoko earned the lowest salary in her career. bring home only 14,000 yen (Approx. 110 €). The problems extend not only to the pay, which is too low to let them live alone, but also to the timing. because animation studios often perform broadcasts with a month or two delay.

The animation industry has been booming for at least two years, but the situation remains unmanageable for animators who continue to earn too little money for their work. In the West the situation is a little more persistent, but the problem does not only affect the Japanese people.

What do you think about it? Have you ever thought of doing a similar job? Let us know with a comment!

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