in the last period, Hunter x Hunter is committed to the follow-up saga with the fight between the three kakin mafia families. However, Yoshihiro Togashi has decided to put the Phantom Brigade searching for Hisoka at the center of the feud. Her very presence triggered a very important flashback.

While searching for the Heil-Ly family, Nobunaga began to reconsider the history of the Phantom Brigade. That Hunter x Hunter 396 spoilers with pictures tell of a special moment that united all the children of Meteor. Quoll wanted all the kids in the area except Uborghin to come and see the so-called Clean-Up Rangers show, but Ubo also shows up angry. He is admitted anyway and the show begins with the projector and the dubbing voices.

They're halfway there Projection issues, but Quoll fixes them promptly, which is also resuming live synchronization involving all children. In the end, everyone will be happy and Uborghin will also accept Quoll, who he will shake hands with. While everyone is gathered, little Sarasa finds herself in a forest where there are also the child kidnappers who have three corpses tied up and hooded in their van. Has the end come for the little one? That Chapter 396 of Hunter x Hunter will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday November 27th.

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