there Season 6 of My Hero Academia ushered in a fierce battle between heroes and villains that will decide the future of the Society of Heroes. This all-out struggle has already claimed several lives, but perhaps two illustrious names have been added to this list. Is it time for these pros to say goodbye?

That Tomura Shigaraki's new power eclipsed the company My Hero Academia. Not even the collaboration between Endeavor, Ryukyu, Gran Torino and Midoriya manages to scratch the villain who, after the experiments he was given by Dr. Garaki has full access to All For One's powers. The only threat preventing him from bringing death and destruction is erasersthe hero who can pick up quirks with his gaze.

With strength and speed almost equal to All Might, Shigaraki manages to get back up and launch a savage counterattack. The first target that comes within reach is the old man Gran Torinocaught in the leg while trying to escape and suffered a brutal beating that left the end of his career.

Enraged at the sight of his master in such conditions, Midoriya unleashes his One For All to hold Shiagraki in his grip, aided by Black Whip. But Tomura has one last trick up his sleeve, one of the bullets canceling Overhaul's quirk. Eraserhead is shot in the leg with his own Macke destined to disappear soon forever. If that happened, the heroes would definitely be at a disadvantage. How the situation develops we will know with the release of My Hero Academia 6x09.

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