The new episodes of Boruto: Naruto the next generations I have repeatedly dealt with Kawaki's character and various aspects of his past that make him similar to many characters from the original work, like Sasuke and Naruto himself. This is how he behaved towards the young man.

After permission to keep former organization member Kara in the Blattdorf, readers of the manga will remember how The Hokage was very strict with the boy force him to obey, under threat of punishment, even if he shows the power of Kurama. While the intimidation had an impact, Naruto's stance might seem too harsh, especially after learning of Kawaki's past trauma that deepened into Boruto's anime.

However, the events observed in episode 193 are very different. In fact, we discovered numerous sides of the new character that made it possible for us feel more empathy towards him it seems to have been decided to soften Boruto's father's attitude, which makes him much more inclined to talk and Avoiding threatening behavior but without deviating from one's own goal of raising the boy.

It is precisely these events that make us think that in the future of Boruto, the bond between the two characters may strengthen. And what do you think of Naruto's new behavior? Let us know yours with a comment.

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