Boruto: The greatest threat Naruto has ever faced is episode 173

After several episodes devoted to training the protagonists, the animated series was made by Boruto: Naruto the next generations has finally taken action. In episode 173, a great danger that was believed to have been averted returns to threaten the leaf village

When the feudal lord of the land of the earth arrives at Victor's laboratory, he and his bodyguards are taken to a secret department. However, it turns out that his entourage consists of Mugino and Konohamaru, who used the transformation technique to infiltrate the factory. So the two ninja of the leaf find what they were looking for: an experimental chamber in which to use them the Hashirama cells.

Victor's absurd searches led to one Mutation of a plant's DNAthat has now turned into a giant animal. This evil being that immediately attacks Konohamaru and Mugino looks like a smaller version of the Divine Tree, one of the greatest dangers Naruto has ever faced. In Naruto: Shippuden, Kaguya used the powers of the tree to bring the Ten Tails to life. Is that the intention of the Kara organization?

But Konohamaru is and is aware of the great threat posed by the tree ready for his next step. Meanwhile, the fearsome Deepa has revealed some details about the plan Isshiki plans to carry out in Boruto. In the next episode of the animated series, Boruto got sensational revenge.

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